“Our Right to bear Arms is the one Way we can protect ourselves from an over powering and over reaching government" 

Our Right to Bear Arms 

“Our border is how we designate yourself as a sovereign nation. If we do not defend out border, we will lose our Nation. I will stand with President Trump"

The Border Wall

"To keep the United States as the economic power house it is, we must ensure that all Americans get more money in their pockets by keeping taxes low "

Lower Taxes 

“I Stand with President Trump and believe the America First way of foreign policy is the what's best for our nation. 
Americans first and if needed we will use focus to keep America First

National Security 

“It is Christ who guides me and is my refuge. and if it wasn't for my wife & future family I would not be here. I am fighting for  my  future children and grand children"

Faith & Family

Darwin Boedeker

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An evening with  Nick Adams Meet & Greet

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Karl Nollkamper, Treasurer, Darwin for Congress